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We export Iraq Syria Egypt Saudi Arabia and Algeria to our 13. Years experience on Iron and Steel Also we import from Far East and European countries different products and goods. Our service plant 1000 m2 in Konya and and warehouse in Mersin Freezone

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Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria

Packaging, Machine, Packing, Pistons, Fertilizer Spreader, Food, Seamless Pipe, Trailers, Trailer, Wire Rod, Profiles, Building Material, Machines, Construction Materials, Building Materials, Steel Profiles, Coal, Flat Bar, Agricultural Machines, Piston Pump, Sheet Metal, Foods, Profile, Fertilizer Spreaders, Flat Bars, Agricultural Machine, Sprinklers, Iron Products, Steel Products, Carbon Steel, Case Hardening Steel, Spring Steel, Bracket, Iron Profiles, Seamless Pipes, Second Hand Machine, Trailer Spare Parts, Hydraulic Valve, Agricultural Machine Spare Parts, Subsoilers, Iron Profile, Hoeing Machine, Oil Tanks, Mechanic Valves, Brackets, Trailer Spare Part, Structural Steel, Free Cutting Steels, Case Hardening Steels, Carbon Steels, Construction Material, Second Hand Machines, Hoeing Machines, Heat Treatable Steels, Spring Steels, Structural Steels, Hot Rolled Steel, Hexagonal Bars, Subsoiler, Hydraulic Valves, Piston Pumps, Oil Tank, Gear Pump, Gear Pumps, Pneumatic Products, Piston, Forged Steel, Sprinkler, Hydraulic, Hydraulics, Packagings, Square, Steel Profile, Agricultural Machine Spare Part, Packings, Wire Rods, Steel Product, Iron Product, Coals, Pneumatic Product, Metalurgical Coals, Hot Rolled Steels, Forged Steels, Bright Steels, Squares, Sheet Metals, Cold Drawn Bars, Valve Pumps, Limiter Valves, Vacuum Valves, Metalurgical Coal, Bright Steel, Hexagonal Bar, Cold Drawn Bar, Heat Treatable Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Valve Pump, Mechanic Valve, Limiter Valve, Vacuum Valve

Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 4800508756  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: İsmail KAYACI