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GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. jointed the structure of GURIS Holding when it was founded in 1984 with name Guris Export Import and Marketing Co. Inc. The company, which underwent a change of name in 2010 and became GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. focused on concrete mixing plants and crushing & screening plants by correctly analyzing the facts of the country and the world since its foundation. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having achieved many worldwide successes in its field made significant contributions to the growth of the company along with other Holding Companies. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having gained expertise on Concrete Mixing Plants and Crushing & Screening Plants became one of the enterprises that not only caught up with contemporary technology but also developed and produced this technology worldwide under its brand name. In addition to stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants, it succeeded in outcompeting its competitors about development of crushing & screening plants according to need and their foundation on a turnkey delivery basis and became operational worldwide. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., one of the favorite enterprises of GURIS Holding, after having made an agreement with the Japanese Furukawa Company, soon became one of the most important worldwide solutions partners in the field of Hydraulic Crawler Drills and Rock Breakers. The quality of the service given worldwide in the field of spare parts and service is one of the most significant successes of GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. In addition to being one of the leading enterprises of GURIS Holding and our country both in the past and in the future, GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. also aims to strengthen its infrastructure, make more investments on Research and Development and produce more efficient products for its worldwide customers with purpose of delivering its operations and products to the whole world.
Yarimkure / Hemisphere Co. is one of the leading companies in Turkey for the manufacturing, supply and distribution of pipeline construction equipment and accessories since 1990. We provide our products and services not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Europe. Some of the products we provide are as follows: pipe bending machines, internal pneumatic pipe line-up clamps, external pipe clamps, roller cradles, lowering-in belts, lined-steel choker belts, casing spacers and end seals, pipeline air dryers, pipeline pigs, pipeline field joint coatings and hydrostatic test equipment. Yarimkure/Hemisphere Company is a manufacturing, supply, and services company in Turkey operating in the pipeline construction field since 1990. Our activities cover not only Turkey but also the Middle East, the Caucasus and Europe. Export sales account for nearly 30% of our total sales volume. Our main export markets are Iraq, Tunisia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Germany and Italy. Our customers are pipeline contractors, oil and gas companies, pipeline operators, municipalities, gas distribution companies, industrial manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, water supply and sewerage administrations, and government agencies. We manufacture pipe bending machines, hydraulic bending mandrels, bending dies and sets, internal pneumatic pipe line-up clamps (IPLC) , external cage type pipe clamps, roller cradles, lowering-in belts, lined-steel choker belts, welding tractors, welding tents, welding blankets, pipe preheaters, plastic casing spacers, rubber casing end seals, pipeline pigs, hydrostatic test cabins and adsorption air dryers. In 2018, we accomplished our first export of IPLC and pipe bending machine. We exported 3 each 12" IPLC and a 6-24" pipe bending machine to Tunisia.
PramodER Constructions (also known as 'PER') is a privately-owned construction company with its head office based in Istanbul, Turkey and with a representative office based in London, UK. PER provides the highest quality of products and services to its customers worldwide; with the support of its partners, affiliated entities and through its dedicated team and highly skilled and experienced construction experts. Since its incorporation ‘PramodER Constructions’ has continued thriving and exceling within the industry, best known for its world class products and tailormade services but also the uniquely added incentive of the company’s aim to improve the condition of the world we live in. PER specialises in 4 main areas of metal (Steel & Aluminium) construction projects: • DESIGN: Working in partnership with our dedicated design team consisting of 15 staff with 7 draftsmen and 8 engineers, as we are consistently able to produce impacting results. Utilising the best methods such as 3D Modelling during the design phase means that we at PramodER Constructions mitigate the potential for errors to the best of our capability. Our design and drawing phases are completed using fully licensed, state of the art industry standard as well as internally developed software. At PER we have taken great care in order to conform to construction standards globally specifically the standards required for the U.S, the EU and Asia to name a few. These include but are not limited to: TS498, TS500, TS648, TS4561, TS3357, IBC 2009, AISC 2008, SDI, SNIP. • FABRICATION: With the cooperation of our affiliated partners, PER has a production capacity of 2,000 to 2500 tonnes per month on a 30,000 m² open space and having 13,500 m² closed space; and our operational factory is fully equipped with the newest and latest machinery which is complimented by highly skilled factory workers. • INSTALLATION: PramodER Constructions facilitates one of the most expert installation services on the market for high quality steel structures. At PER we have the added benefit of providing all our services in house meaning smooth coordination within project management as well as efficiency with regards to time scales and costs, whilst maintaining occupational safety requirements are complied with. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: PramodER’s Project Management Team consists of highly skilled and experienced experts within the industry. With our Project Management services PramodER can help you to reduce any potential risks, prevent both technical /non- technical errors, control the project budgets and effectively keep your project within the planned schedule. Our Products include: 1. Conventional Steel Structures; 2. Aluminium structures; 3. SIN Beams; 4. Sandwich Panels; and 5. Corrugated Sheets It is the long-term hope and dream that PramodER Constructions with the help of its clientele will rebuild the Earth, both naturally and synthetically for the betterment of life for all. After all – Quality and Trust Matters!"
Unikey Solutions is an experienced company in the machinery and production industries. The company has been actively involved in the metal industry for many years and has done business in many parts of the world. Later, it started to provide consultancy services to transfer its experience to other companies. Thanks to years of experience Unikey Solutions is able to distinguish the companies that can produce good and high quality from others and contacts the best producers for buyers. In addition, Unikey Solutions and its partners' manufacturing facilities are able to produce turnkey production lines for many products. Unikey Solutions, with its extensive production capability, offers turnkey project solutions for a large number of products, especially in the metal industry, and can respond to different product needs. Unikey Solutions continues to develop itself, and continues to have knowledge and experience in different industries and types of production. Services such as foreign trade and marketing consulting, feasibility study, project planning, facility design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and employee training are benefits of Unikey Solutions company.
We export to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria using our 13 Years experience on Iron and Steel Also we import from Far East and European countries different products and goods. Our service plant 1000 m2 in Konya and and warehouse in Mersin Freezone
Unicoft is a corporate international company founded in 2019 and headquartered in Turkey. The Company is powered by professionals with more than 40 years of foreign trade experience with a reliable supplier network database for global trading activities. In parallel with our supplier role, our expert manager and field team in charge for the implementation of construction works as a part of Unicoft ’s another service area. Main Service Lines: - Global Supplier; Food Products, FMCG Products, Textiles and Apparel, Jewelry, Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Materials. - International e-Commerce: B2B & B2C - Construction and Building Renovation Projects Our main subject is to provide Unique Service Experience to our Customers and Partners by minimizing; Risks, Time-Losses and Cost in a Safe manner.