Turkish Galvanized Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish galvanized steel, Turkey galvanized steel manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality galvanized steel from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

DEMIRSAN METAL PROFIL A.S.        Türkiye     Cihan DEMİR    
s carbon steel, galvanized steel, ipe, heb, hea, npi, npu, angle bars, square round bars, steel flat, industrial pipes, pipe, painted pipes, pier pipes, galvanized pipes, rectangle profile, profile, steel profile, square profile, panel, galvanized panel, painted trapeze, painted panel, slitted steel coil, coil
ALKA GROUP        Türkiye         
s galvanized steel, steel construction, steel structures, road safety barriers, highway security system, railing, wooden railing, solar energy, power lines, renewable energy, wind energy
ANKA STEEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS        Türkiye     Eyup Tuncer    
s bungalow house, bungalow systems, industrial building systems, light steel, light steel construction, prefabricated building, prefabricated houses, prefabricated modular houses, residence, steel construction
s steel, 4140 steel reclamation, absithal, angles, c45 flat and round materials, dkp, domestic and ed cold-drawn lama, galvanized steel, hardened steel 8620 transmission 1020, hrp, inp, sheet profiles, tool steel, u iron
CORUMLULAR DEPO        Türkiye     mustafa bardakcı    
s aluminum, bmc, ford, fuel tank, galvanized steel, man, mercedes, scania, spare fuel tanks
s aluminum sheet, copper pipe and fittings, black plain end pipes, galvanized pipes, flat, galvanized steel, hollow sections gusset, np hitch, np iron, round iron, sheet metal, stainless steel 304-316, tensile steel, np iron
SEBAT METAL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Osman Arslan    
s aluminum plate, black and galvanized pipes, black sheet, checkered plate, delete lama, extended sheet, galvanized steel, hardox, hea profile, heb profile, ip profile, iron, llama, mild steel sheet, npi profile, npu profile, plates, profiles, rebar, ship's sheet, square and rectangular box, stainless steel, stainless steel wire mesh, t-bars, the netherlands profiles, the profile box, transmission shaft, weldox, t-bars, hea profile, heb profile, ip profile, aluminum plate
AKSAN ETUD MUSAVIRLIK INSAAT A.S.        Türkiye         
s steel structure, green construction, galvanized steel, wall, covering
KONKAP GALVANIZ        Türkiye         
s power lines, steel construction, agriculture livestock equipment, cable channels, pier systems, fence systems, highway barrier systems, solar energy systems, connectors, galvanizing plant, hot dip galvanizing plant, hot dip galvanizing plant, galvanized plant, galvanized plant tray, galvanised steel sheet, hot dip galvanizing, hot galvanized, galvanized steel sheet, galvanized sheet metal, galvanized metal sheets, galvanized sheet, galvanized tin sheets, galvanized iron sheet, galvanized sheet steel, hot dip galvanized steel, galvanizing process, galvanised steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel plate, steel galvanized, galvanized steel products, galvanized steel structure, galvanized metal, metal galvanizing, hot deep galvanized, galvanized coating, galvanize companies, galvanizers company, galvanizing companies, steel galvanizing companies, hot dip galvanizing companies, galvanized, galvanized plate, galvanizers, cold galvanizing, electro galvanized, galvanizer, galvanized material, galvanized products, galvanizing services, galvanizing spray, galvanized pole, galvanizing service, galvanized items, connectors, solar energy systems, galvanized, steel construction, hot dip galvanizing, galvanized sheet, power lines, galvanized pole, galvanized steel, cable channels, galvanized products, galvanized steel products, galvanized steel sheet, galvanized coating
DOGUSAN METAL SANA. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s cold rolled steel, hot rolled picked steel, siliced steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel
KAYIKCI DEMIR CELIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sinan DERELİ    
s angle, bar, cold rolled steel, flat, flat steel products, flat steel stockholder, galvanized steel, prepainted steel, sheet, stainless steel, steel, steel service center, steels, steel sheet, steel sheets, flat steel, flat steels, flat steel product, iron, nails, wires, square irons, round irons, ribbed irons, ribbed bars, rebars, ribbed steels, transmission bars, transmission steels, transmission irons, metal sheets, plates, metal plates, sheet irons, nail, wire, square iron, round iron, ribbed iron, ribbed bar, rebar, ribbed steel, transmission bar, transmission steel, transmission iron, metal sheet, plate, metal plate, sheet iron, flat bars, hexagon bars, square irons, round irons
ZHENGZHOU JINSHUI INDUSTRY        Çin     Luna Lee    
s cables, wires, acsr, abc, control cable, aluminum cable, enameled cable, galvanized steel, xlpe power cable, alarm cable, aaac cable, aac cable
ARENA DOKUM MAKINE METAL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel pipes, steel tubes, steel pipes, galvanized steel, tinplate steel
OZTUG METAL SAN.        Türkiye     Berk ULUHAN    
s metal, galvanized steel, aluminum, prefabricated, steel, construction, steel laser cutting, bending, roof, facade, equipment mounting, welding
GREEN FONDA        Çin     Dale Lv    
s galvanized steel, galvanized, ppgi, prepainted steel
OZDIL ENERJI TAAHHUT A.S.        Türkiye         
s cable, cables, foreign trade, steel, galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized steel
SHANDONG XUANDE STEEL LTD.        Çin     Julie Luo    
s steel material, steel product, steel coil, building material, steel plate, galvanized steel, prepainted steel
s cold rolled steel, flat steel products, flat steel stockholder, galvanized steel, prepainted steel, stainless steel, steel, steel service center
CATICILAR IZOLASYON LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet Ali ELBEK    
s building materials, roof insulation materials, building insulation materials, exterior applications, construction materials, insulation materials, roof panels, facade panels, cladding materials, thermal insulation materials, water insulation materials, sound insulation materials, sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, rebar, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum door systems, aluminum window systems, aluminum composite panels, curtain wall products, sandwich pane, aluminum sheet, gypsum board, ventilation systems, floor tiles, floor coverings, wall panels, dilatation profiles, construction chemicals, fiber cement sheets, grouting materials, metal suspended ceiling systems, plaster profiles, decorative floor coverings, glass wool, ready mixed concrete, galvanized steel, hardware supplies, parquet varnishes, insulating material, building blocks, membranes, turnkey building insulation, grouting concrete and screed profiles, roof cladding materials, interior and exterior finishing materials, interior and exterior wood paint, building jacketing materials, plaster and derivatives, chimney systems and fireplaces, sound and technical insulation materials, fire insulation materials, industrial roof facade lighting products, transparent illuminated signs, tiled roofs, seam roofs, lead based titanium roofs, illuminated roofs, bituminous roofs, cement roofs, earthenware tiles, roof walking stairs, star metal tile, finished wall systems, heat insulation plate, roof and floor slabs, filler eps, u block, partition panels, industrial flooring materials, tiles and rolled carpets, modular raised floor systems, decorative floor tiles, interior dry wall systems, exterior dry wall systems, building plasters, gypsum, profile accessories, exterior gypsum, curtain wall and composite panels, lower construction systems, interior building systems, composite stone, mineral filled facade systems, pre-fabricated finished wall systems, wooden ceiling materials, wooden suspended ceiling systems, wood wool, rock wool, paints for building, cement, concrete additives, roof waterproofing chemicals, dilatation products, polyurethane insulation materials, drywall profiles, suspended ceiling profiles, siding and sheathing profiles, insulation profiles
s galvanized steel, gi, ppgi, galvanized ppgi coil